Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ah, Brave New World!

Hmm, kind of hard to know where to start, especially with a cat on my lap licking my arm furiously in order to get my attention.

Someone told me I should do a blog, as I always give them lots of information on things that are happening around the area, neat things to be aware of and anything else they might be interested in. I must confess, I am a definite information junkie! My first love was the library and my love has grown to include the internet which is a vast library accessed by my keyboard (when my cat allows).

I think I must also have some ADD in me as new shiny things grab my attention quickly until the next newer shinier thing grabs it. Needless to say I have a diverse range of interests (and way too many bookmarks).

So this blog will be about whatever has captured my imagination at the time, or whatever I'm doing/thinking about at the time. Problem with my brain is, it just doesn't shut up!

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